A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness

This is a beautiful little novel, with a thought provoking and heart warming storyline.

When I first went to read this book, I was expecting a sweet story about a friendly monster who arrives to help out a young boy. However, it was not what I got – and part of me is glad.

It was refreshing to no longer have a monster or guardian who looks out for the child and protects them from the world, such as the BFG for example, or Budo the imaginary friend.

I loved that the monster came walking to Connor, yet he did not come all of the time he was needed, and his stories were never exactly what Connor wanted/needed to hear. It meant that Connor learned to deal with difficulties in his own way, and that it was not just him being told the way. The stories that the monster told were not straightforward, and the lessons were not always clear.

However, they helped Connor to discover the truth within his life, and encouraged him to  speak about how he truly feels about it. This, I feel, is essential for children, as it is important that their feelings and coping mechanisms are understood so that they have the help that they need.

This book, I feel, really encapsulates how the younger generation deals with issues, and how they do not yet understand the cruelty of life, or how it is not selfish to sometimes yearn for the easiest way out of a situation – it’s human. There were so many things that Connor deals with in this novel where he regrets the end result after he tries to cope, for example when he and the monster confront the boys who have been bullying him. He learns that all difficulties are learning curves, and sometimes the actions you apply to cope with your struggles are actually completely off the mark, and can make things worse!

A Monster Calls will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling,  which will warm your heart before breaking it! The issues that are tackled are raw and cut deep, yet they are handled with care.

You WILL need tissues!!



2 thoughts on “A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness

    1. May Joy be your gift at Chmsatris and may Faith, Hope and Love be your treasures in the New Year. Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.


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